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These pieces represent just a small percentage of the special items we've built for customers. We are able to work with your ideas and plans, build your piece in our shop, and then ship it to you! Call or email us for details!
Couch Sliders

Couch sliders

Stix's Woodworks Chess Table 1


Exotic Maple Jewelry Box 2 (1)

Jewelry box made of maple and sapele.

Custom Instrument case by Stix

Musical instrument and gun cases

Home Show winner

Hope chests

Natural edge coffee table black stand

Natural edge tables

Slatted cherry vertical bar unit

Unique wine cabinets

Boat Porthole Table

All kinds of tables

Bonsai stand by Stix's Woodworks

Bonsai stands and jitas

Specialty door commission by Stix

Specialty doors

Small jewelry box gift

Jewelry boxes

Writer's Desk

Writer's desks or specialty pieces

Fish Tanks



Custom Cajons

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