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Stix's Woodworks Shop 

Take a look around our shop. As you can see, everything we build is custom made. We also pride ourselves in using American made equipment and wood sources whenever possible to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. Rest assured, what we build for you will last for generations. If you'd like to schedule a personal tour, just email or give us a call. We'll be happy to show you around. 

Carving the Stix's Woodworks sign
Custom furniture detail
Clamping a wood table
Custom built bed by Stix's Woodworks
Custom table commission
Clamping up a outside door
Behind the couch table design
Stix's having fun in the woodshop
Ready for sanding
Stix and Rufus at the home show
Desk unit getting prepped for paint
Big projects require two hands
Building a German style kitchen unit
Look at the detail in this chair!
New, and pricey, makes precise cuts
Clamping down a table design
Time for the paint booth
Creative clamping procedures
Forever sanding at the shop
Time for drawer faces and runners
This was a fun project
Spraying a sepele table bottom
Large bed headboard unit
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